Skeptics in the Curry House

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Sadly, it looks like there's no skeptical curry on the horizon right now. Check back in a couple of days.

Attending a Skeptical Curry

The SitCH events above have an open-doors policy to all skeptics, but to allow a table to be booked in advance if necessary, and in order to let you know if the event is cancelled or postponed, it is helpful if you can let the host know if your are hoping to attend, by clicking the link above.

Hosting a Skeptical Curry

Hosting a SitCH curry is easy. It mainly involves saying "Anyone fancy a curry?" immediately after a Skeptics in the Pub event.

To request an account to advertise your Skeptics in the Curry House event on this website, please e-mail explaining how much you like science and how much more you like curry.

You should also include an original joke or pun linking science and skepticism to indian cuisine or culture, eg. "I don't believe in all this new-age bullshit, but I do think there's such a thing as bad korma!" or "What do they call psychics in India? Fakirs!"